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Wide Silk scrunchie, bright pink

Wide Silk scrunchie, bright pink
Wide Silk scrunchie, bright pink
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How to wash silk products

 ● Products made of natural silk must be washed by hand in cool water (up to 30 degrees), without pre-soaking.  For washing, we recommend using special liquid products for silk or hair shampoo.  Do not use washing powder.

 It is recommended to wash silk without friction and strong mechanical influences.

 After washing, you can rinse the product in cold water with the addition of 9% vinegar (5 tablespoons of vinegar per 10 liters of water)


 ● Squeeze carefully, lightly, without twisting, squeezing with your hands.  You can carefully squeeze it, wrapping it in a terry towel.


 ● It is necessary to dry silk products in an unfolded form, both in a horizontal and vertical position, avoiding sunlight and away from heating devices.


 ● The product can be ironed at a minimum temperature of up to 110 degrees or in the "Silk" mode (it is best to iron the product when it is almost dry, barely damp).  We recommend ironing inside out.

 A steam iron is best for ironing silk products.

 Do not spray silk with water, as stains may remain on the fabric.

 It is better not to use polyethylene bags for storage.


Manufacturer Made in Kyiv, Ukraine
Мodel Wide
Fabric Natural Italian silk Mulberry
Diameter 10.5 cm


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